l2c.pngWelcome to the online home of Circulation, the Wilton Public & Gregg Free Library’s newsletter.

Why Circulation? When you check out a book, that process occurs at the Circulation Desk. The book is then in circulation, meaning that the book will (hopefully) return to us and circulate again and again.

At the Wilton Public Library, we love books. But the library is so much more than books. “Circulation” is also defined as “the public availability or knowledge or something.” We present programs for adults and children on books, music, art, and life skills.

We would love for you to attend all of our enriching programs, but in case you miss one, pick up Circulation to read about what you  missed.

We believe that Wilton’s greatest resource is our people and our community.  If you have a book review, movie review, recipe or anything else to contribute to Circulation, please contact us using the link above.

See you at the library.